Belle Chasse Primary School

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Please see below attached documents for Plaquemines Parish School Boards Attendance Guidelines and Parent Note Form.
Please use the attached Parent Note Form and submit to the school with a valid and excusable explanation to ensure an absence is excused.  
Students and parents are responsible for the students' consistent attendance.  Attendance is compulsory until the age of eighteen.  Students who have attained the age of seven years shall attend a public or private day school or participate in an approved home study program until they reach the age of 18 years (Louisiana Administrative Code March 2019, p.26). The literature and statistical evidence indicates that consistent attendance is a precursor to high achievement.
A student shall be considered habitually absent or habitually tardy when either condition continues to exist after all reasonable efforts by any school personnel, truancy officer, or other law enforcement personnel have failed to correct the condition after the fifth unexcused absence or fifth unexcused occurrence of being tardy within any school semester. The parent or legal guardian of a student shall enforce the attendance of the student at the school to which the student is assigned (Louisiana Administrative Code).
Students with unexcused absences who are not attendance for the mandated days will not be promoted.  All absences are defined in the below attached Attendance Guidelines.