Belle Chasse Primary School

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Letter from the School Counselor

Hello & Welcome!
My primary goal as your School Counselor is to support students and parents needs so that every student at BCPS is able to reach his/her full potential.  To accomplish this my School Counseling Program focuses on the social, emotional, academic, and career development needs of every student. 
Some of my programs to help me do this include:
  • Counseling Lessons for Kindergarten and First Grade every two weeks in the areas of social, emotional, academic, and career development.  Lesson units include areas such as self-control, conflict resolution, feelings, coping skills, kindness, diversity, growth mindset, and mindfulness.
  • Group Counseling for First Grade students focusing on areas of self-control, social skills, identification of feelings, and coping skills. 
  • Immediate Student Support and Counseling for students that may be having a tough day, have a problem, or experiencing something difficult in their life.  Students will come to my office individually as needed through student, parent, or teacher referral.  
  • School-Wide Programs including The Great Kindness Challenge held nationally every February.
  • Referrals for more long term counseling support. Under "Counseling Resources," you will find more information on the Plaquemines C.A.R.E. Center, who we work closely with, as well as some other counseling resources.
I maintain an "open door" policy to provide support for all students.  Please feel free to reach out with any support you, your child, or family may need. 
Thank you for your support,
Mrs. Rebecca Rossi